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Introduction: This site will show you how to install, reinstall, upgrade, parallel install, repair and troubleshoot Microsoft Windows 8, 7 , Vista , XP, 2000, ME, 98, NT, 95 and even MSDOS. This site has over 3000 pages on various information covering all operating systems ever released by Microsoft, with tips, tricks and how-to's in achieving a fully working, fast platform. Check out our extensive list of "how to" guides covering various topics related to fixing, speeding up and troubleshooting Windows..

Windows 8 News: The Windows 8 release is approaching, are you excited? seems like yesterday that Vista and 7 got released! will it be worth the upgrade? Personally I doubt it. So what do we know? well it will be called Windows 8, the versions will be Windows 8, Windows 8 pro, Windows 8 Local Language, Windows 8 RT & finally Windows 8 Enterprise

Check out our newsfeed here. Check out our Windows 8 site here for more info and guides. guides are mainly to help you install, reinstall and repair Windows. We provide step by step guides and some videos to help guide you through the process of running installs (Of various kinds) and repairs to your Windows operating system.

Older Windows: These parts of the site are no longer updated, but if you do find missing images or guides, please feel free to drop us an email and we will endeavour to rectify the problem.

Windows 2000 -Windows ME Windows 98 - Windows 95  -  Windows NT - Windows 3.1  -  MSDOS

Service Packs: Need a service pack then we have the download links for you: Click here

XP Mode: If you are running Windows 7 Professional, Ultimate, or Enterprise but require XP to run older software than you can download a virtual version of XP to to run on your Windows 7 desktop. Click here for more info.

Boot Disks: unable to access windows from the CD/DVD then download a boot disk here: Click here

Speed up your ComputerGuides: If you want to learn if your Windows is Genuine, how to achieve CD-Rom support for your install, you may need to reset your Windows Login password, access XP mode in Win7 or the WinRE menu in 7, Vista or XP, plus much much more then check out this sections of our website for a list of various other guides which you may find useful before or even after you have reinstalled Windows on your system. Click here to view what is available.

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Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE): is used primarily to help save or salvage your Windows operating system. It is available on the Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and was a replacement for the Windows XP and 2000 recovery console.   Click here

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